An experimental aeromagnetic survey in the Volturno valley area (South-Eastern Latium)

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M. Chiappini
F. Ferraccioli
V. Bosi
E. Bozzo
G. Caneva
R. Funiciello


A helicopter-borne experimental aeromagnetic survey, covering an area of 200 km2, was performed in the Volturno valley area north of the Roccamonfina volcano and south of Venafro in November 1994. Although severe logistical, instrumental and meteorological conditions significantly reduced the planned coverage, the processed magnetic image still shows a remarkable improvement in the description of the geological and structural features of the area in comparison with previous regional aeromagnetic data. A multi-directional shaded relief anomaly map displays two moderately positive NW magnetic bands associated with lavas, pyroclastics and dykes of the Roccamonfina volcanic district together with N-S, NNE-SSW and NE-SW lineations. A comparative magnetic-geologic map allows correlation with known Pleistocene faults and reveals the existence, especially in the area between Sesto Campano and Presenzano, of a larger presence of high susceptibility dykes than seen in the outcrop, which is dominated by non-magnetic carbonatic rocks. We interpret the curvilinear and intricate pattern of magnetic lineaments as suggestive of an extensional setting along the main NW structures with previous strike slip components and of tectonic activity along a N-S fabric; the latter has no superficial evidence and has also been used for magma upwelling. Overall, this local scale investigation shows both the utility and the need for further efforts in high resolution aeromagnetics in Italy both for geological and environmental purposes similar to those successfully carried out in many other countries throughout the world.

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Chiappini, M., Ferraccioli, F., Bosi, V., Bozzo, E., Caneva, G. and Funiciello, R. (1998) “An experimental aeromagnetic survey in the Volturno valley area (South-Eastern Latium)”, Annals of Geophysics, 41(3). doi: 10.4401/ag-4353.

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