Sulla sismicità della zona di Scalea (Cosenza)

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Conducted on request of the " General Direction for
Special Services " of the Ital. Ministry of Public Works, the study expounds
the geoseismic elements that permit to estimate the degree of seismicity
of the Scalea region, in province of Cosenza.
After examining the morphologic aspects and geologic constitution
of the region, the A. reviews the Calabrian and Lucanian seismic events,
in which it has been more or less involved in the past.
Finally, suggestions are made concerning the provisions appearing
necessary, in case the above mentioned Ministry should intend to approve
the request presented by the commune of Scalea in order to obtain, for its
territory, the cancellation off the list of second-class seismic localities, as
annexed to law n. 1684 of 25'" November 1962.

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DE PANFILIS, M. (1968) “Sulla sismicità della zona di Scalea (Cosenza)”, Annals of Geophysics, 21(1), pp. 91–121. doi: 10.4401/ag-5060.