Contributo ad uno studio sulla sismicità del Cuneese; i terremoti di Entracque del 7 Aprile 1966



On May 7, 1966, the National Institute of Geophysics
was invited by the Ministry of the Interior and the Prefecture of Cuneo,
to investigate some seismic phenomena which occurred on April 7, 1966
in the Gesso Valley (Province of Cuneo) and especially felt, to the great
alarm of the population, in the Entracque area. Following this invitation,
the authors visited Entracque and its environs to study in loco the dynamic
effects of the above mentioned phenomena. On November 30, 1966 they
drew up a relation, which was forwarded to the interested Authorities on
December 20, 1966. The results of said investigation are now presented in this note as a
contribution to the knowledge of the seismic characteristics of the Cuneo
area: besides macroseismic determination of the epicenter, the investigations
have permitted construction of a seismic map, on which the large and
irregular propagation of the telluric movement around the epicentral
area clearly is shown. There follows an accurate study of seismic activity
in the middle Gesso Valley, the cause of which is assumed in the tectonic
and the geologic constitution of the area.

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