Results of gas flux records in the seismically active area of Val d'Agri (Southern Italy)

G. Colangelo, J. Heinicke, U. Koch, V. Lapenna, G. Martinelli, L. Telesca


The Val d Agri area is well-known for oil exploration. An old 500 m deep exploration well in the northern part of
this area has been used for long-term hydrogeochemical investigations. The well is characterized by a discharge of
about 500 L/min of thermal water (27.8°C) and a simultaneous methane gas emission of about 200 L/min. Gas
analyses gave evidence that the methane come from a multiple deep reservoir. Continuous records of gas emission
showed some anomalous variations occurred during the past three years. The gas flux anomalies were in a distinctive
coincidence with self-potential anomalies of one station close to the hydrogeochemical station. The present paper
describes the interpretation of these anomalies in relation to the geodynamic activity in the area.


fluids;earthquakes;methane;gas emissions;flux anomalies;04. Solid Earth::04.04. Geology::04.04.06. Rheology, friction, and structure of fault zones

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