An outline of earthquake catalogues, databases and studies of historical seismicity in the Iberian Peninsula

A. Roca, A. Izquierdo, C. Sousa-Oliveira, J. M. Martínez-Solares


The general purpose of the present paper is to summarize the state-of-the-art of historical earthquake knowledge and research in the Iberian Peninsula, giving an account of the main references, the historical developments and the present situation of earthquake catalogues. The most representative historical works for compiling earthquake data (catalogues) up to 1985 are referred together with those of more recent investigations carried out in
Spain and Portugal for the period 1985-2003. Existing databases on historical seismicity are presented, mentioning
the most important achievements in relation to quality of information.


historical seismicity;catalogues;macroseismic data;earthquake database

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